Teen Book Review: Excellent Sheep: Miseducation of the American Elite by William Deresiewicz

The novel Excellent Sheep: Miseducation of the American Elite by former Yale professor William Deresiewicz is the best book anyone could read during their high school career. As you read that sentence, the words “Yale professor” likely stood out – such credentials, after all, are legendary. These exact sentiments are what this book focuses on. After reading this book, you will find yourself questioning what you have been told about elite colleges with their formidable admissions process, their unparalleled resources, and their incredible faculty and student body. But most importantly, you will find yourself wondering what it is that you want out of higher education. While you may not take all of the author’s advice, simply reading the arguments he makes and the reasons behind them will change your perspective like nothing else.

Jatin Mathur

Naperville North High School, Class of 2018