What is Teen Initiate?

Teen Initiate is an innovative Teen-Led Teen-Driven (TLTD) program that provides teens with support and a space to innovate and lead while empowering younger teens and tweens in the process.

Teen-Led Mentoring

Teen-Led Tutoring

Teen-Led Clubs

Teen-Led Workshops

High Schoolers:


Start a new program, class, campaign, nonprofit, fundraiser at Alive with the support of the Teen Initiate program.

Click here to fill out an application to start a new Teen Initiate program at Alive.

“Even in some cases where I felt I was incapable, I rose to the empowering occasion, knowing that I had the full support of the Alive Center behind me. With this knowledge, I never felt too overwhelmed, or too stressed out, yet I knew I had open territory for which I could create a program that I felt necessary.

Kandice and the Alive Center gave me just enough support to feel encouraged, while still allowing me to lead the program uninhibited.”

Nabila Qadri, Junior High Mentoring Program Lead 

Junior High Kids


Take advantage of all of our awesome Teen Initiate programs!

Program Name


Teen Program Lead

Dare to be Rare: Girl Empowerment Club
Empowerment club for junior high girls that meets twice a month
Riley Finck (NNHS) Christina Karabetsos (NNHS)
Excel Club
Exchange Club for High Schoolers
Charlotte Albright (NCHS)
Junior High Mentoring Program
High school students mentor a junior high student during after school drop-in hours
Nabila Qadri (NNHS) Elly Qunell (NNHS)
Media Smart Youth
Health workshop on the dangers of media
Mariel Thompson (NNHS)
Open Mic Nights
Open Mic Venue for high schoolers
Akira Kennedy (NNHS)
Science Exploration Club
Hands-on sience club Tuesdays at 4pm
Jatin Mathur (NNHS)
Student Advisory Board
Alive Student Board which helps to drive our teen center
Nabila Qadri (NNHS) Akira Kennedy (NNHS)
The Merry Tutor
High school students provide free tutoring to younger teens/tweens Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 4 – 6pm
Jane Boetther (NNHS)
“Unlike other institutions and organizations, the Alive Center enables teens to do anything they want to!”

Jatin Mathur, Science Exploration Club lead