Alive Centers for Teens

What Does Alive Have to Offer?

Alive provides teens with a unique place that is Teen-Led Teen-Driven (TLTD) to empower the youth of today to become the impassioned, resilient leaders of tomorrow. Our Teen Initiate Program supports older teens in creating, leading and driving programs at Alive to serve our younger teens. This teens helping teens model empowers all of them to be their best.


  • Teen Initiate: An Innovation Program to support teens in creating and leading
  • Free Drop-in Hours after school and over the summer (free of charge)
  • Video games, board games, open art room, ping pong, bags tutoring, structured activities and more.
  • Tutoring (TLTD)
  • Mentoring (TLTD)
  • STEM clubs, Art clubs, Girl Empowerment Clubs, and more! (TLTD)
  • Free classes such as art, cooking, improv, creative journaling, drawing and more!
  • Student Advisory Board (TLTD)
  • Events such as concerts, poetry slams and open mic nights. (TLTD)
  • Charity service events.
  • Paid classes and workshops around topics such as cooking, mindfulness, art, writing, music and dance healing arts.
  • And much more!

Alive Teen Center Drop-in Hours:


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Ready to Get Involved?

Alive is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.


We are a nonprofit so that we can serve the entire community regardless of socioeconomic status as well as easily work with other local charities and organizations.

We have teen drop-in hours every day after school and during the summer that are free of charge.  Our teen events are done at cost.  Our adult services – such as meditation, dance, cooking, art – come at a charge but we offer free and reduced classes to the underserved.

Teens and adults can apply for financial aid. Please contact us for more information.